Beginners Course Objectives

You will receive hand out each week and a list of what to wear before the course starts. All archery equipment you need will be provided.
Following a basic safety talk you will be given instruction as you learn to shoot a recurve bow. To give you an overall understanding experience on various styles of archery you will be taught to shoot barebow and sighted so you can choose which one suites your style more. For adults we give you a brief session on Long bow, Horse bow and flat bow whereby you can try them out and see if this type of shooting is for you.

What does the course cover?

Safety & Etiquette

  • Rules of shooting
  • Safety of yourself and others
  • Use of equipment
  • Shooting and waiting line
  • Field calls & safety signals
  • Talking whilst shooting


  • The bow and how it works
  • The arrow and its parts
  • Bow stands and quivers
  • Bracer and tab
  • Sights
  • Stringing a bow


  • How to stand and hold the bow
  • How to knock an arrow
  • Drawing the arrow back
  • The importance of the reference (anchor) point
  • Sighting the arrow on the target
  • Releasing the arrow
  • Bow safety between shots & ends

Scoring & Collection

  • Approaching the target safely
  • Collecting missed arrows
  • Scoring
  • Pulling arrows from the target

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