Welcome to Enfield Archers, a target club based in Middlesex.


For the latest information from ArcheryGB, please refer to the following website : https://www.archerygb.org/covid-19-what-am-i-allowed-to-currently-do/
There will be two timed sessions for archers one at 8 AM and one at 11 AM. For this to work people must be on time and leave five minutes before the next session starts to avoid unnecessary contact. Masks, gloves and hand sanitizer is available in the container. On arrival all members should sanitize their hands unless wearing gloves and put on a mask before touching any equipment. For setting up the field we will try and keep our 2 m distance but of course some of us will need assistance lifting bosses etc.  each archer will be given their own four target pins and face which is to remain in their possession from week to week and taken home rather than being left at the club, they can decide which size face they want 122 cm or 80 cm depending on which round they wish to shoot. There will be six bosses 5 m apart from their centers one archer per target, or more if from the same family unit. If the schools toilets are used they must be cleaned with the bleach spray provided including all surfaces that have been touched, seat, taps, doorhandles, flush etc. There is also liquid hand soap available if none is available in the toilets. Any PPE that has been used during the session must be taken home to be disposed of by the user. Please remember wearing gloves does not stop contamination, hands need to be sanitised every time you touch something that someone else has touched or may touch, even if you’re wearing gloves you will still need to sanitise them. As we shoot outdoors, masks only need to be worn if you’re coming into closer contact with someone eg when helping someone move a boss. The Chairman Paul Tully and Records Officer Sean Mason have completed a Risk Assessment of our shooting field, click below to view the document. agb-risk-assessment Please look around the site and feel free to contact us with any questions. The club is a member of Archery GB and is part of the sports “On Target” development programme. We are also affiliated to Hertfordshire Archery Association Club members shoot all year round at our outdoor venue and during the winter we also shoot in the evenings at our indoor range. We welcome new members from novices to experienced archers. Visiting archers are welcome to shoot with us (please bring your AGB card). Beginners courses run throughout the year, our coach and instructors are on hand to help everyone For further enquiries please contact our secretary at secretary@enfieldarchers.co.uk

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